Why You Might Need to Consider a Lower Salary When Job Seeking

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I’ve recently noticed with candidates post COVID-19 and getting back to work, some major confusion has presented itself in terms of job and salary expectations.  Candidates are not sure if taking a pay cut now is worth a new role, or just holding out for the right number.

It’s very challenging because the September cliff is coming, and we all know when we have more people back on the job market, employers will be able to drive salaries lower. So, what might feel like a $10k haircut today might be a lot more substantial come end of September.

I’m hesitant to say you need to drop your expectations, but I think it’s important to be realistic in this market. This is not the world we knew, and this might be our reality for the next 1 to 4 years even, depending on the elusive cure or vaccine.

If I were seeking a role, I would make the move now and go with a salary that might match or be a bit lower than my expectations, rather than try and tough it out in a couple of months. Additionally, with more candidates available on the market, probation periods are going to be scrutinised to the tenth degree and I would suggest securing work before it becomes really tough.

I know this is worst case harsh reality stuff, but I think one needs to be prepared for every scenario if you can.

This of course won’t be relevant for all roles and industries as some people will make hay while the sun shines, but for the majority of us who have had our industry smashed, I would say a fair wage is better than no wage at all.

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